How Do I Fix Sum Errors In Multivalued Business Objects?

Occasionally, you might see the message “Sum of multivalued errors from business objects” on your computer. There can be many reasons for this problem.

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    The #VALUEMULTI error message occurs when a history breaks the association between an attribute and its parent file element. After adding a new function, the #REFRESH error will appear in the new column. Note that after refreshing each report, many series display the # MULTIPLE error message.

    When I try to return a summary of prices and surcharges, I get a multivalued error. I understand what will happen because I have multiple values ​​for each item record and I want them to be concatenated. In our report objects, I created a price sum and attribution cost definition, and I would like to get a new result like this:

    However, I am getting # a multivalued error in the total fields. Does anyone know what I am using wrong and how to get it back? Thanks in advance.

    No problem, but I would say the data dependency is such that for a good app ID
    multiple app numbers refer to related facts?
    Show all content Appl-ID, Appl-No. and the whole measure. At this point you can either
    app #. Columns and only checks the Application and ID metrics.

    You can also create a report on SKUs for an identifier and delete empty summary lines for the actual display of the income report. = 20

    Note. You forgot to useUse a quick set of sample values, as previously discussed in the email.

    What is WEBR #error?

    What does #ERROR mean with ToNumber function? If you see this message asking you to check what experts say you are probably defining the syntax, format the report if it is correct or possibly incorrect. When does #ERROR actually show up in a Webi report? By its very nature, this happens after the syntax and type of formatting are missing.

    I got a problem when I got a WEBI report that I have authorized. Here is the code of the question:

    business objects multivalue error sum

      = If ([Description of the status of the group change task] means "Open")Then ([GCT count])ElseIf ([Group Change Task Status Desc] = "Completed" AND [Actual date of opening SH> = dt] [Current date - 60] AND [Actual date of opening SH] <= [Current date])Then ([count of all GCTs]) 

    This is a very simple and consistent extended code. Count O with Count C if they are between two dates.

      Formula evaluation - error inStore the values ​​and # MULTIPLE VALUE.Check the definition of the formula inRecording context 

    What does MULTIVALUE mean in WebI?

    Wrong choice of #VALEURMULTI means that given the situation (size) of your block, your variable formula will return two or more numbers, and WebI does and does not know how to aggregate them (assuming the variable you created is definitely a measure). ).

    I found the problem was with this piece of linked code:

      AND [Current date of SH opening]> = [Current date - 60] AND [Current date of SH opening] <= [Current date] 

    I tried without this phone line and there were no errors. But the obviousMy problem is that C has too much data.

    I hope I have provided a lot of information. As I said, personally this is pretty advanced code. But I will be using WEBI for the first time, I need a more experienced eye.

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    business objects multivalue error sum

    The error #VALEURMULTI means that given the context (size) of your variable, the formula for its changesNoah will return two or more numbers throughout the block, and WebI will not learn to aggregate them (assuming the variable you created is the correct metric).

    You will find that as your block grows, this [change group task status description] , [current date - 60] type is associated with [SH Open Date Actual Dt] this #MULTIVALUE error eventually disappears and numbers are displayed instead.

    You can try to clarify this by manually specifying a specific aggregation (eg SUM). So, if your variable is usually named [Count C and O] , you would build SUM () on it, resulting in SUM ([Count C and O ]) tracks.

    In the Web Intelligence #multivalue Guide, Using Automatic Funding Features, Formulas and Calculations in Web Intelligence, you can also find part of the section located here.

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