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    If you have an ngdbuild error on your system, this article can help you solve it.

    loadingÄ—Sorry to interruptUpdate

    Xilinx ISEä¸ERROR: NgdBuild: 604

    Call the EDK character in the SCH ISE, the EDK function is generally very simple, i.e. the CPU prints the line just line by line

    ngdbuild error

    Create another reason type sch and set it to the top user level named “top.sch”.

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  • Create a source of any type except embedded processor and name it mycpu

    Next, the EDK is usually activated automatically, I add devices according to the master, the clock is not over yet

    Then formulate a netlist, generate lib and bsp, build almost all user applications under edk.

    Go to ISE, select mycpu, schema build symbol and add symbol to be able to call top.sch

    But when it arrives, the translation fails and an error is reported to the audience

    Maybe ‘proc_sys_reset_0_wrapper’ was not allowed. Secure the full name, which may contain spelling errors

    Because there is no edif or ngc file, compare the block name case sensitive

    and some filename edif or ngc or conSpecific misspelling of the type name. Icon

    (1) Add the path to the EDK project usage subdirectory if you want to run the “-sd:Macro Path” attribute to search for ngdbuild in the ISE.

    (2) This can be considered an ERROR pointing to the software and the official has an explanation for this.

    Ok, but I don’t understand the meaning of this sentence

    Add the path of the EDK project render subdirectory to the path of the -sd macro search path, everything will be fine, but the NGC file will still not be found

    “ERROR: NgdBuild: 604 – logical block containing ‘Inst_edksub/proc_sys_reset_0’, of type ‘proc_sys_reset_0_wrapper’ cannot be built. This may be caused by an output name error, a missing edif, and it may be an ngc file, upper and mismatch between lower case name and edif alternative to ngc file name or typo due to type name The character ‘proc_sys_reset_0_wrapper’ is definitely not supported when loaded into target ‘virtex5’.”

    “ERROR: NgdBuild: 604-boolean with block ‘Inst_edksub/mdm_0’ of type ‘mdm_0_wrapper’ will not be fixed. Cause could be misspelling of PIN name, specific missing EDIF or NGC file, inconsistency between blokami the name of the current file phrase and edif or ngc or a misspelling of the middle name The character ‘mdm_0_wrapper’ is supported if it does not have a target of ‘virtex5’. “

    *12.1 Project Navigator copies all XPS generated NGC files to the implementation folder associated with the current XPS project, usually the top-level ISE project.

    * 12.2 Project Navigator copies only one NGC file (child submodule of NGC File EDK) to ISE project.

    Now add the user_black_box attribute to this HDL code. If you created your EDK store as a system:

    Add “Macro Search Path” = XPS project implementation subdirectory where properties need to be translated so that ngdbuild can find netlists.

    Perform Global Optimization

    For projects that experts believe contain IP kernels or different types of netlists, the NGD file generated after the implementation of the transformation point (NGDBuild) indicates that the entire project is usually fully compiled during the first period. Global Optimization is a new feature introduced in Map 7.1.01i. He directed to compile and check the complete project to improve the performance of the project when re-optimizing the combined register and. Global optimization (type map -global_opt on the command line) shows that it can increase the volume of topic hours by an average of 7%

    ngdbuild error

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