How To Fix Factory Reset Windows XP Without CD Gateway?

Hope this guide helps you if you find yourself restoring Windows XP to factory settings without CD Gateway.

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    Reboot your computer.Usually, when the PC logo appears, press the Alt (left key) and F10 keys.When you hear the recovery management software sound, choose the type of recovery you really want: restore the operating system to factory settings, or restore the operating system and then save your user data.

    This is usually how you restore the XP A to factory settings without using a CD.

    • Make sure the specific CD is licensed.
    • Make sure my CD contains the product key and not
    • Please request the “reinstall” CD from the appropriate PC manufacturer (eg Dell or HP) as it may not be compatible with your PC.
    • Likewise, do not purchase a Service Pack as it is for existing installations.
    • Attention! Do not buy digital versions or, conversely, versions of Windows XP on a “digital CD”. While they may be cheaper, they plan to be able to handle the manufacturing capacity you’re looking for (not to mention they might be legally questionable).
    1. Insert the Windows XP installation CD, which will become the CD drive of your computer.era.
    2. Restart your computer.
    3. Press your favorite keys around the world when the message “Press any key – boot from CD” appears on the screen.
    4. Press Enter on Windows to open the XP welcome screen.
    5. Press “F8” to accept the terms (of course, after reading them carefully).
    6. Follow the instructions on the screen and select the hard partition (i.e. partition) from your options where you want to format and boot Windows XP.
    • EaseUS Todo Backup: You must install EaseUS Todo Backup before your XP computer crashes in order to take full advantage of its benefits. Once installed, it essentially gives your business the ability to perform specialized system recovery so that you can get your operating system up and running without the need for a major reinstall. This free utility performs one-click recovery backup and finally allows you to clone your hard drive to another destination for backup functions.
    • Paragon Drive Copy 14 Standalone Edition for XP: Paragon’s Drive Copy 14 Special Edition, available for full download, may not help you fight viruses on the Internet, but the app offers a free backup solution for your XP computers if you’re designing to migrate from one XP scheme to another. Drive Copy 14 lets you copy an entire hard drive and even transfer an operating system from an incredibly complex regular drive to a smaller SSD.
    • Macrium Reflect: Although each authorization costs $ 69.95, Macrium Reflect 7 Home Edition includes more features than the competition and therefore runs on Windows XP, 7, Vis, 8 and 10. Automatically protects your computer and folders in compact format. , the archive file is under pressure, so you can restore the entire file in just a few clicks. In addition, Macrium helps you recover individual hard drive partitions, clone your own hard drive, recover data element by item, and protect your copies from ransomware with Macrium Image Guardian. You can try it for free with an amazing 30 days My trial version.
    1. Go to the Start menu and click Help and Support.
    2. Select “Revert changes to your computer using System Restore” under “Select a task”, then “Restore my computer to an earlier time” and “Next.”
    3. You will love the calendar that says “In the previous calendar, press the date in bold”. Any data in bold is the best recovery point. Select the restore point you want to return to, or, if necessary, click restore in the list below the calendar.
    4. Click Next. You have to make sure that this is your specific restore point by holding down the “Next” button.
    5. Please wait while the computer restarts. When the Completing Recovery Window appears on reboot, click OK. Your
    1. Turn off your computer and turn it on again. Since it is on the back panel, press “F8” every two seconds until the Windows menu for advanced options appears.
    2. Use the arrow to select “Recommendations”, “Safe Mode with Command Prompt”, but press Enter.
    3. Use your administrator credentials to log in as administrator, this will display a blinking cursor as a command pattern. In the blank field, enter “C: Windows system32 restore rstrui.exe” and press Enter again to start System Restore.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
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