Various Ways To Fix Unloaded Ubuntu Virtualbox Kernel Module

Here are some easy ways to fix the Ubuntu Virtualbox kernel module not loaded issue.

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    ubuntu virtualbox kernel module not loaded

    Tired of the “VirtualBox kernel device not loaded” error?

    This error looks like starting VirtualBox. Several workarounds will fix the error.

    At Bobcares, as part of our server administration services, we frequently generate queries to resolve VirtualBox problems.

    Today, let’s take a look at exactly how our support engineers fix the VirtualBox kernel when the module is not loaded.

    Reasons Why The VirtualBox Kernel Course Won’t Load

    This error occurs when we start VirtualBox or just run the virtual trainer in VirtualBox.

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  • The main reason for vboxdrv kernel module failure is under-known dependencies on the server or server outdatedness.


    something else happens if I say that the VirtualBox installation is definitely correct. Another reason is virtual machines created on older versions of the operating system.

    How Do We Fix The VirtualBox Kernel Module Not Loading

    We recently contacted our client about an error. Let’s see how our support engineers fix their own bugs for our customers tov.

    Update Each Of Our Server Dependencies

    As you can see, the error often lies in the fact that the dependencies on the server are not up to date.

    We connect to the Linux server and check if any updates are available for the server.

    Then we both update it with the command as our client is using an Ubuntu server.

      sudo apt install -f  

    After the upgrade, we were able to launch VirtualBox without any errors.

    Reinstall VirtualBox

    Similarly, we get this error regardless of whether the VirtualBox installation is considered invalid or not. So we uninstall VirtualBox and then reinstall it for our clients.

    Our support specialists only do this until we encounter an error while buffering VirtualBox.

      sudo apt-get free virtualbox -  *  
      sudo apt configure virtualbox  

    We were able to boot the VirtualBox created virtual machine without any difference after reinstalling it.

    Activate EFI

    Recently one of our users reported this error to us while setting up their Windows computer. ThTo fix the error, you need to enable EFI. Let’s see how our support engineers can fix this issue.

    In some windows on the left, select this particular System tab. Then we select this motherboard tab.

    Disable Secure Boot

    The client tried to install another old version of the operating system and encountered this error. By analyzing the configuration, we found that the EFI is in an enabled state on the server.

    Therefore, we disable the “Enable EFI for Virtual Machine” option for all VirtualBoxes.

    If the corresponding VirtualBox cannot be loaded due to an error, then we need to disable Secure Boot for that BIOS.

    After disabling safe trainers, we can start older versions of the operating system.

    Disabling Secure Boot is not recommended, but for older operating systems the only option can be described as disabling it.

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    In short, we are presentAdded reasons why VirtualBox won’t load, such as a kernel module. We also discussed how our support engineers fixed the bug for both men and women.



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    Saved my family has been solving this problem for a long time. There was a big problem with vBox on 2 distributions (Ubuntu and therefore Arch).

    I already had dkms and most of the modules installed and installed in my kernel, but the fixed one had a module-related point of failure when trying to start the correct vBox VM.

    If your vBox GUI starts fine, but it encounters an error telling you that if you want to start the virtual machine, you need to install the main VBoxDrv kernel module, not all of your problems are related to the modules in your kernel listed alongside this ACTIVATE in modprobe d It works what my module install script cannot do.

    To manually load a module (for example, for vboxdrv), open a terminal window and enter the following:

      sudo modprobe vboxdrv 

    If your VM continues to run without showing a severe error message, you can permanently initialize the vboxdrv module by running /etc/modules-load.d/ and entering your .conf < / code> (for example, vbox.conf ). Typically the .conf file contains the names of the new vbox core modules you want to add, for example: vboxdrv .

    ubuntu virtualbox kernel module not loaded

    You can also add these additional modules: vboxnetadp , vboxnetflt and vboxpci

    vboxnetadp and vboxnetflt are required if you want to use the Host Network Only feature. Specifically, vboxnetadp is needed to create a specific host interface in the cross-country settings of VirtualBox, and vboxnetflt is needed in the marketplace to run a virtual machine with a network interface.

    vboxpci is required if your personal virtual machine just needs to be routed to the host via a PCI device.

    Note. If hosted kernel modules VThe irtualBox were in the kernel when the modules were updated, you will need to manually reload them to use the new updated version. To do this, run vboxreload root as.

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