How To Handle Sent Items Folder That Cannot Be Viewed In Outlook 2010?

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    If you don’t see the Sent Items folder in your Outlook 2010 error code, these instructions should help. If there is a risk that sent items will not show up here in Outlook 2010, sometimes the display options might be closed. In some cases, you can try to customize the view by clicking the View tab in the ribbon interface and choosing Reset View. You must now close Outlook for the changes to take effect.

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    It is recommended that you access most of your email in Outlook, as this will help you find important information. However, it becomes frustrating when our own Sent Items folder disappears or becomes inaccessible from Outlook.

    Anyway, in this article you will learn four important tips that you can sometimes use to fix this problem with missing sent folders. There are many metrics you can count on, even if you are not a technical expert. So, go ahead now!

    What To Do If The Outlook Sent Items Folder Is Missing

    How do I display the Sent folder in Outlook 2010?

    Outlook 2003. View-> Arrange By> Current View-> Sent.Outlook 2007. View -> Current View -> Sent.Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016. View tab -> Change View button -> Sent.

    So, you open your own Outlook and there is no Sent Items folder! How are you? First you need to calm down, that is, having tried the tips described below, you can be sure that only one of them will be able to solve the desired problem.

    Tip 12: Include Submission Records

    The first concept is to make sure you check the box for saved copies of all messages in the Sent Items folder. This method you should enable, currently allows every message you send to be saved in the Sent Items folder.

    Step 3. In the “Control” section, go to the “Recording Messages” section of the ski slopes. Make sure you check the box next to “Save copies of messages in Sent Items”.

    Tip 2. Disable Cache Mode

    Cached Mode is one of two modes in which you can connect Outlook to your Exchange account, the other is online mode. Cached Mode allows users to access email and make absolute changes even when you’re not online anymore, as they are delivered locally electronically to your hard drive as OST files. As good as that sounds, if you need to disable it to access the downloaded file, the cache mode might need it all. This is because it has more storage space compared to online mode. More importantly, you cannot search your emails because they are linked in cached mode. Subscribe

    Thereforetake the following steps to disable the cached swap system and use online mode so it can see if you can find the missing uploaded file:

    unable to see sent items folder in outlook 2010

    Step 1. Enter the Account Settings dialog box. To access it,

    For Outlook 2010 and follow the 2013 path: File> Information> Account Settings> Account Settings.

    However, if you are using Outlook 07, go to Tools> Account Settings

    Why is my sent folder not showing in Outlook?

    I cannot find the Sent Items folder You may not be able to view sent emails if Outlook is not configured to keep a single copyand the items you sent. Select File> Options> Mail. Scroll down to save messages and make sure the Save replica messages to file with sent items check box is selected.

    Step 2. Now that you are in this Account Settings dialog box, you can select the Exchange account for which you want to disable Cached Mode. After that go to the “Email” tab and select “Change”.

    Step 3. The “Change Account” dialog box will open. Go to the dedicated Use Cached Exchange Mode box and click Delete to see the checkmark icon.

    Step 5. You will see a new pop-up dialog box again “Microsoft Outlook”, select “OK” in the login form.

    Step 6. Restartf Outlook for any changes to take effect.

    Tip 3: Recover Your Outlook Profile

    You may need to repair the Outlook user to recover the missing sent directories. To do this, you can use Outlook Inbox Repair Tool or even a professional repair tool like Stellar Outlook Repair Unit. The use of both options should be discussed below:

    1. Scanpst Tool

    This is, among other things, called Outlook Mailbox Recovery Tool. This is important for troubleshooting problems with your Outlook profile. .Once .corruption is found. With .this ..pst, Outlook generates errors starting with the one containing the defective Sent Items folder. Scanpst is a cool new part of your Outlook that’s already installed. So you just need to help find it in your Outlook account, follow these steps and fix the corrupted Outlook file:

    Find the PST file that you need to analyze in connection with the repair. For Outlook 2007 and earlier, the default PST section is:
    C: Users % username% AppData Local Microsoft Outlook
    For Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013,2010, as and Office 365, follow this path:
    C: Users % username% Documetns Outlook Files

    Now click the Start button to activate each of our repair tools and analyze their location. The time it takes Scanpst for this comparison depends on the size of the directory

    You will receive a report on the nature of the error and the degree of damage, since the catalog you downloaded is not available. You can click “Details” for more information.

    Why is my sent Mail not showing?

    The most likely reason that the call does not appear in the Sent Items directory is because it was not originally submitted. You may have clicked the send icon correctly, and yet for some reason or to someone else – maybe by closing the iPhone messaging app or computer before the word was sent – that particular message never left your system …

    Go to repair help. However, don’t forget to reconfigure any important PST files by clicking “Recover” first.

    > When the restore is almost certainly complete, click OK, close and restart Outlook.

    2. Stellar Repair Sights Tool

    Scanpst is limited to certain methods that force customers to use third-party software to repair infected Outlook PST files. Stellar Outlook Repair Tool is one of those computer programs that can break the restrictions associated with Scanpst as it is difficult to repair corrupted PST files, will restore items that, according to experts, have been deleted or missed, and the recovery process is really simple and straightforward. Meanwhile, with Scanpst, your site may have to go through the restore process several times to get the desired result, this process can be tedious.

    Now that you have installed the prerequisites for Stellar Repair Tool Outlook, you can download, open, and follow these steps to repair your corrupted Outlook profile:

    Add any corrupted PST files to Stellar Repair for Outlook using the Find or Browse options. These options will help you find the corrupted PST file

    Click the “Recover” button in our own mini-window interface, then it will start recovering your Outlook files. You will see an improved user interface window.

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  • Here you already have the option to view the fixed Outlook files. The files are displayed in a preview window along with the following: a list of files in a dedicated left pane, contents in the coronary heart, and details on the rightawa.

    If anyone is happy with the fixed and recovered files, please click Save Fixed File from the Home menu.

    Tip # 4. Newly Created Outlook Profile

    One final tip: create a new entry for Outlook and start from scratch. To do this, follow the tips below:

    Step 1. Close Outlook. Then launch “Control Panel” and select from the list less than “View By:” “Large Icons”

    Step 2. Select this icon for Mail (32 bit) and select Show Profiles

    unable to see sent items folder in outlook 2010

    Step 3. To add a new profile, select add a new profile, and then give the new profile any name you like. Adjust it when you see the following prompts.

    How do I enable Sent Items folder in Outlook?

    Select Tools> Options. On the Settings tab, select Messaging Options. Activate the general option Save copies of messages in Sent Items folder. Select OK.

    Step 4. To select “Always use this profile” on this tab, select your other profile as the default from the list.

    Step 5. Open Outlook again. Please note that restoring the desktop client may take a while as new downloads will be an incredible necessity for your newly created profile.

    End Result

    HelpWith the above tips, you can solve the Outlook Sent Folder missing issue. If the solution doesn’t work for you, here’s what you do. So don’t give up until you’ve tried all of the following.


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