Fixed: How To Fix W32time Error 36 Xp.

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    Over the past few days, some of our users have reported error w32time 36 xp.

    Event sent Gary Lente

    The time service cannot synchronize the system time for 49152 seconds, it is just that none of the time providers can provide an available timestamp. System wake up is out of sync.

    For more information, see the Help Center at

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  • 2007-08-14 10:41:32 UTC

    Windows Time Service cannot sync with available free time source.

    If a computer cannot synchronize with its source for some time, it will not always provide time to requesting clients. Local
    The computer time cannot be updated until an effective relationship with time is established.
    renewed source.

    Usually this The factual report does not indicate a governance problem. However, this is a case that can cause problems if continued for an extended period of time.

    user action
    If you see W32Time 36 on a domain controller, make sure the computer can talk to other domain controllers in the while domain. Although the domain is a regulator in this state, it does not give time to the requesting consumer. If the condition persists, it can cause downstream issues for each domain controller.

    Message W32Time 36 is expected on domain controllers, which are in fact also PDC emulators for all root domains in the forest. The last PDC emulator, the forest root domain is a type of root server in the time synchronization hierarchy.
    and probably doesn’t have a default time source configured. The PDC emulator continues to provide clients with their time even if it is out of sync. It is recommended that each PDC be accompanied by a voucher andSafe source of time that normalbut stop this state.

    If lesson W32Time 36 is viewed on a computer that is not normally a domain controller, such as a home computer, workstation, or member server, no user action is taken. By default, these systems do not give time to find clients and should only affect computers.
    this event. After the Internet or communication with time, this is a recovery
    is restored, the computer continues to synchronize with its source.

    w32time 36 error xp

    Solution Physician Event Log

    2007-08-14 10:42:42 UTC

    w32time 36 error xp

    Windows includes W32Time, a time service tool that is primarily required for the Kerberos authentication protocol. The reason for using the Windows Time service is to ensure that all computer systems running Microsoft Windows 2007 or later from the vendor share the same time.

    To ensure applicable timeFor time sharing, the Windows Time service uses a hierarchical structure that controls permissions, and the Windows Time service does not allow for loops. By default, Windows computers use an important hierarchy:
    ¢ All client desktops designate our own Authenticating Domain Controller as a temporary inbound partner.
    à ¢ € ¢ All member servers follow the most important procedure followed by client laptops or desktops.
    ¢ All domain controllers in the location designate the primary domain controller (PDC) operations master as their inbound soul mate.
    ¢ All PDC operations are subject to some domain hierarchy when choosing its inbound timing partner.
    In this hierarchy, the PDC operations master located at the forest root is authoritative for the organization. We strongly recommend that you adjust the end time until the server receives valuable time from the hardware source. When clients set up an authoritative time and sync serverThey lower it with the root cause of the time on the internet, no authentication is performed. In addition, we recommend that you reduce the time it takes to adjust the settings of your server and therefore independent clients. These guidelines provide much more accuracy and security for the domain.

    Solution Physician quality

    28.09.2019 17:51:48 UTC

    “W32Time. Event ID 34. The time service was previously unable to synchronize the system’s working hours within 49152 seconds because none of the time providers provided a location to provide a convenient time stamp. The system clock is not synchronized. “

    If an absolute user sees that an event with this ID 34 is fired when the staff is synchronizing regularly and / or manually, this method is called by an explicit application (in my case it was Mozilla Sunbird) that directly calls w32Time trying to re-sync ization. If this particular sync fails, you will receive this critical error message. The error message is not descriptive or may refer to something that was actually configured. The quoted number 49152 is clearly an artifact derived directly from the calculation based on the benefits of MaxPollInterval, and this number has little or no effect on the allowed time elapsed without synchronization.

    An error message similar to “W32Time cannot sync after requested application” without mentioning “Elapsed desync time” would be more accurate and helpful. It seems that the encoder just didn’t want to pick up a better error indicator, but rather reused the error message that was already there. Or perhaps the error is that the lower end of the error handling routine fails and allows them to use this default message.

    The above calculation has indeed increased from 2 to MaxPollInterval-Back-Button-Power 1.5. The default MaxPollInterval or 15 is. 2 to the power of 15 = 32,768.32,768 seconds and 1.5 = 49,152 seconds. Therefore, in no wayHowever, you cannot expect W32Time to wait no longer than 32,768 seconds for a successful synchronization attempt. And it will be 49152, knowing that W32Time is throwing an Event ID 34 error to inform the user if he hasn’t been able to sync up to that point.

    However, most users probably won’t see event ID 36 Everyday / Default because the MinPollInterval and MaxPollInterval values ​​used will be overridden by the specific SpecialPollInterval value. This is exactly the case if “, 0x1” must be constantly added to the records on the servers (listed in the NtpServer key). Indeed, has historically been the standard notation for the world wide web. (Traditional configuration instructions for customizing the time server list include adding “, 0x1”.) The default value for SpecialPollInterval is now 604,800 (seconds, exactly, or 7 days). Using tags / by default, event id thirty-nine will not fire unless 10.5 contains days that have passed without a successful sync. (If no NtpServer key entries are added, then MinPollInterval in conjunction with MaxAPollI is in effect.nterval.)

    If the new computer is not connected to the Internet (i.e.

    Again, if anyone sees this error message EventID 36 W32Time – and the computer has never timed out, shorten the time until the error message appears and / or what computer is a regular computer and is known / or manually sync correctly – then the actual cause is the application calling W32Time to sync and then that sync failed. Thus, W32Time gives its / this daily error message “failed to sync”, which is why I would say that the message does not really inform about what has appeared, and the number in it is really wrong.

    MaxPollInterval is located in HKLM SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services W32Time Config r

    MinPollInterval can be found in HKLM SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services W32Time Config r

    SpecialPollInterval selected in Is hklm system currentcontrolset services w32time timeproviders ntpclient

    ntpserver is located in HKLM SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services W32Time Parameters

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