You Need To Get Rid Of Winsock Tester Problems

Over the past few days, some readers have reported meeting with the Winsock testers.

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    You can use Winsock Tester app to listen to cities or connect to other ports.


    TCP connection tester Winsock IP connection TCP IP connection tester

    What’s new in Winsock Tester 0.0.6:

    • Best catch error related to out of memory errors.
    • Added a text field for HTTP GET to put the URL in the HTTP get request. See also
    • Correctly adds Host: header for HTTP GET request.
    • This was not the default before, resulting in multiple servers? Internet sites on the same IP so that the page is not displayed, correct the page.

    Read the official changelog

    Winsock Tester is a small Winsock test program for listening on ports or establishing TCP / IP connections. Useful for debugging software or monitoring server requests from websites.

    The Winsock Tester application allows you to listen or connect plugins to other ports. Can be used to debug Winsock programs, view browser or web server requests … HTTP

    When you press the button As a GET, a handy GET request is created, which then allows you to edit the request and click that submit button to send that type of message.

    This automated task looks at some of the most important Winsock functions according to the location of the feedback and checks that the Winsock API is supported correctly.

    All tests look at both IPv4 and IPv6 sockets, each bound to a loopback interface. The following options are possible:

    • Socket as directory. Lists the entire Winsock directory, creates a projected socket for each protocol information structure (each project tuple) returned, and associates it with the loopback interface for you.

    • Overlapping I / O. Creates TCP IPv4 and IPv6 stream sockets, provides connection loops, and transfers data between sockets, blocking drop-me calls and blocking received calls. All tips are confirmed as confirmed.

    • Option TransmitFile. Checks that TransmitFile is being sent the data is correct, and simply implements the TF_DISCONNECT flag to reuse the connector for both IPv4 and IPv6 sockets. A creates temporary 260-byte content and transmits it over the TCP link using TransmitFile. The listening socket has an AcceptEx for checking connectivity and reusing sockets.

    • I agree conditionally. Checks the semantics of dependent receive for IPv4, IPv6 and TCP sockets. Checks five online connections: no listener, return from CF_REJECT, return from cf_accept, CF_DEFER + CF_REJECT, then return from CF_DEFER + CF_ACCEPT.

    • winsock tester

      stream. Blocks send / receive over TCP IPv4 and IPv6 flood sockets. Delays answering calls with a specified hearing delay until the marriage is dissolved.

    • datagrams. Checks the sending and receiving of IPv4 over and IPv6 UDP datagrams for sockets. Tests send connect / send / receive datagrams and send without connection using to / receive.

    • Select. READFDS checks notifications on the two TCP sockets, IPv4 and IPv6, for information about establishing a connection, receiving documents, and closing a socket.

    • bind. Checks with Binding mantics for TCP IPv4 and IPv6 sockets: Basic Binding, SO_REUSEADDR Holds, and SO_EXCLUSIVEADDRUSE Bindings.

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    Read file / write file. Checks if the ReadFile () and WriteFile () functions work correctly on TCP IPv4 and IPv6 sockets.

  • Stop. Checks shutdown () semantics on TCP IPv4 and IPv6 sockets by establishing a connection, sending receive, stopping, and checking if a shutdown call completes receive with zero bytes received.

  • addressing. Checks the translation of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses from additional octal strings h, decimal to the corresponding values ​​in the egress address structure (WSAAddressToString and WSAStringToAddress).

  • Multicast. For IPv4 and IPv6, make sure everyone joins groups via multicast via IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP and IPV6_ADD_MEMBERSHIP, sends and receives group hints, and leaves most of the group.

  • JoinLeaf. For IPv4 and IPv6 agrees to join multicast groups using WSAJoinLeaf, send and receive a knowledge group, and leave the entire group.

  • AsyncSelect. Checks for TCP and IPv4 IPv6 sockets, whether Windows messages FD_CONNECT, FD_SEND and FD_RE are processedAD via WSAAsyncSelect. Also checks if FD_CONNECT is a processed feed when the multicast socket ends with WSAJoinLeaf.

  • IOCP. Performs overlapping receive calls on TCP IPv4 and IPv6 sockets that can be used by the sockets associated with the exclusive I / O completion port. Also checks if overlapping completions are being processed or all received.

  • RAW connector. Creates raw sockets for IPv4 and IPv6, and sends and receives Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) messages through the OVERLAPPED IO.

  • PnP. Checks if an overlapping address change warning is displayed when IP descriptors are added or removed open loop first without loop back.

  • For more information on the Winsock API, see Windows Sockets 2 .

    Test Details

    • Filter.Driver.FileSystem.MiniFilter
    • Filter.Driver.AntiVirus.MiniFiltre
    • Filter.Driver.AntiVirus.Winsock
    • Windows 10 Client Themes (x86)
    • Windows 10 Client Editions (x64)
    • Windows Server 2016 (x64)
    Supported Versions
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 10 Form 1511
    • Windows 10, version 1607
    • Windows 10, version 1703
    • Windows 10, version 1709
    • Windows 10 Account 1803
    • Windows 10, version 1809
    • Windows 10 non-1903
    • Next Windows 10 Update
    Estimated execution time (in minutes) 30
    Category Development
    Timeout (minutes) 1800
    Restart Required false
    Different configuration required false
    Type automatically

    Additional Documentation

    Testing in this functional area may contain additional documentation, prerequisites, and configuration and troubleshooting information, which can be found in the following sections:

    Start Test

    • Filter if you need to test the driver with any set of support applications

    • At least one interface is connected to a network interface with up to Allowed IPv4 and IPv6 address


    For general information on troubleshooting HLK test failures, see Troubleshooting Windows HLK Test Failures .

    In all cases, it is checked whether the return was successful or unsuccessful. For a discussion of the test details, read the Windows Studio Test Log hlk. This

    If the treatment plan is not successful, submit the test log with device or system information to the Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK) support alias.

    Additional syntax

    Order Width = “50%”>

    Winsockfunctional -standard Protocol Ip -t “Winsock API Current Protocols (IPv4 / IPv6) BVT” -wtt -r -dontdisable -ipsec -notrace

    You Must Supply This Key Argument.

    winsock Tester


    You Should Really Add This Argument If The LSP Was Installed.

    File List


    <[testbinroot]> NTTest NetTest Winsock common


    A verbose output tree containing е results


    Test Results Summary in Performance Log


    Summary of Test Results in Source Log


    Temporary .ini file manually generated or used by the test


    Parameter name Parameter description
    LLU_LocalAdmin LLU for execution
    LLU_NetAccessOnly LLU on behalf of Copy
    • Article
    • 4 minutes to read.

    Windows Firewall may open a message stating that a firewall may be blocking the test function. However, some firewalls do not affect the rating. You can safely forget this message.

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    Testador Winsock
    Winsock Tester
    Winsock Testare
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    Winsock Tester
    Tester Winsock
    윈속 테스터
    Tester Vinsoka
    Testeur Winsock